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Shamanic Rev. Eddy Murray
Renowned Breathwork Practitioner



Stress, anxiety and depression are part of the body’s natural response to certain types of external stimuli.  These are healthy responses, that can alert you that something in your body requires our attention.  If you feel a response and process the response's experience, you tend to be able to move through it and go on with life.  But ignored warning signals without an integrative process or healthy outlet, the responses can build up and throw your nervous system out of balance.  This is when the stress response becomes chronic and when instructional breathwork may help regain balance.


When this happens, we have unknowingly trained our system to hold the stress response on a cellular level, which causes us to remain in a heightened state.  This becomes the new normal causing us to live in a constant state of alertness. Stress, anxiety and depression become the new “resting” state until we can begin to deal with the root cause.


Transformational breathwork gives the body an opportunity to release stored stress and a process by which you can retrain and reset your body's nervous system response on a cellular level.  With practice and process, you can regain homeostasis.


The TBBW is a guided experience that begins with instruction. Participants are then led through the breathwork experience and an integration process that ties it all together.


Just a few benefits of

Transformational Breakthrough Breathwork:


* Strengthen and detox the lungs

* Release stored stress

* Release emotional pain

* Release toxins from the body


Always check with your healthcare provider before embarking on any new health regimen.  This process is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace any medical practice.

60 Minute Introductory Class    $85.00 

60 Minute One on One Session $135.00

4 Pack of 60 Minute One on One Sessions  $399.00

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