Reiki In The Cave

Full Moon Energy Realignment

Jan        28th      6 pm Thursday
Feb        27th     10 am Saturday
Mar     28th     10 am Sunday
Apr      28th       6 pm Wednesday
May     26th       6 pm Wednesday
Jun       24th      6 pm Thursday
Jul        24th    10 am Saturday
Aug      22nd   10 am Sunday
Sep        19th     10 am Sunday
Oct      20th     6 pm Wednesday
Nov      19th     6 pm Friday
Dec       18th   10 am Saturday
Space is Limited to only 5 Clients, Book Now

Salt Cave Bliss Foot Massage

 Jan      13th    6 pm Wednesday
Feb      10th    6 pm Wednesday
Mar   10th    6 pm Wednesday
Apr    14th    6 pm Wednesday
May   12th    6 pm Wednesday
Jun     9th     6 pm Wednesday                            
Jul    14th     6 pm Wednesday
Aug  11th      6 pm Wednesday
Sep     8th      6 pm Wednesday
Oct  13th      6 pm Wednesday
Nov 10th      6 pm Wednesday
Dec   8th       6 pm Wednesday
Space is Limited to only 5 Clients, Book Now
Sound Bowl Mediation, Halotherapy, Salt Cave
Cancellation Policy.png

All Salt Cave Events are Only $40 each.

Each event includes one Halotherapy Treatment

Reservations are recommended because space is limited.

*** Credit Card Required to Reserve Event ***

Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details.