Experience relaxing genuine Himalayan Bath Crystals. Add a handful of these pristine Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals to your bath, and experience how they soothe your tired muscles, detoxify your immune system, and mineralize all in one.


Available in unscented or lavender scented crystals.


Allow yourself time to soak for maximum effectiveness. This 1 Kg jar is good for 3 – 4 soothing baths and makes an ideal item for gift giving as well as personal use. The “Extra Coarse” grind (6-8 mm) will dissolve in warm water in about 20 minutes, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the salt as you soak.

For a full detox bath, we recommend using a full jar, and soaking for at least 30 minutes – you’ll be amazed at the way you feel!

Himalayan Salt Bath Crystals